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Bosch Washing machine repair Los Angeles 818-284-9184
This Bosch washer machine and dryer is installed in Los Angeles near downtown.
In the high-rise building, when Tenants moved in, they didn’t like the way this Bosch washing machine smells, looks and washes. Danny from Magic Touch appliance repair Los Angeles came out and completely service the Bosch washing machine and dryer combo unit.
Magic Touch and Appliance Repair ran chemical through Bosch washing machine to get rid of the mold smell and build up, completely disassemble the Bosch dryer, clean out all the air vents for the Bosch dryer, clean out the holder for the filter, clean out the filter, completely clean the Bosch machine.
Bosch applience Repar Los_angeles
Bosch washer machine_repair Los Angeles
Bosch dryer_repair Los Angeles
Bosch washer machine not draining
Bosch washer machine from load repair Los Angeles
Bosch applience Repar Los_angeles
Bosch washer mold build up
front load washer mold build up

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